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About me

Hello everyone! I’m Francisca Picó Paredes, current student at UCC of MA Modernities. I’m originally from Mallorca (Spain), where I studied until I was 18, but when it came to choosing a university, I wasn’t afraid to move to Madrid. There I studied General and Comparative Literature at the Complutense University. I graduated in 2021 and I knew I didn’t want to stay in Spain, I wanted to discover new countries and learn how literature was taught in other places. For these reasons, the day after finishing the last exam of my degree, I got on a plane and moved to Ireland, where, as soon as I arrived, I started working for a year to save enough money for my academic expenses.
After a year of saving (and improving my English), I managed to get into UCC. In the MA I am currently studying, I have had the opportunity to not only broaden my knowledge, but also to acquire new knowledge, as literature is a field that is constantly being studied. Among my literary tastes, we can find the Brontë sisters (I admit, I have an obsession with them), the Victorian era, the works of Romanticism and Gothic literary works. In terms of criticism, I am quite interested in ecocriticism and ecofeminism. I have already done my bachelor’s thesis on an ecocritical and ecofeminist analysis of Jane Eyre, but I would like to continue working in that area.

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